Survey Scores and goodbye

Last post on this blog.

Flourishing, I’m now down to 48 from 54, but that’s because last time I gave myself 6 points for my email address.

Satisfaction with Life Scale — 18.  Now that is interesting, because I only scored 14 last time.

On the Spane Scale I only score 1 this time down from 2.

That means I’m more satisfied with life but have more negative emotions.  Hmm.

On the Stoic scale, I am in fact more Stoic after Stoic Week, scoring 52 rather than 48. So it works!

Two positive effects of the week, that I did not report in the previous posts.  First, my forswearing of sweetstuffs was rash, but I did exercise more moderation in my diet over the next few days. Second, a difficult family situation arose mid-week that still hasn’t been resolved.  I got over my negative feelings about it quite quickly, but was left unsure of what action to take.  During the workshop with Professor Gill, something he said gave me the answer.

This ends Stoic Week 2013 for me, but I hope that the next entry will be at the start of Stoic Week 2014.  It occurs to me that I could write something on using Stoicism to deal with chronic pain (though Marcus Aurelius didn’t — he preferred Epicureanism for that problem), and might get round to submitting something for Patrick Ussher’s blog in the next few weeks.

Bye for now.

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