End Thoughts 2 — the morning meditation.

I’ve already commented that the morning meditation does not work for me because of my individual circumstances. But, actually I did benefit from it, because, in order to participate, I paid more attention to pain management this week than I usually do.

Since the pain I have on waking usually fades within half an hour or so (sometimes less, sometimes more), normally I just wait for it to go away. But this week I did some exercises for my joint pain, and took a painkiller for my neuralgia, and felt better for it.

Nevertheless, in the long term, I don’t see myself devoting a quarter hour to meditation, first thing on waking. But, this doesn’t mean I don’t engage in Stoic thoughts before I start my day.  I already use a version of Cleanthes’ prayer:

“Lead me, Zeus, and you too, Destiny,

To wherever your decrees have assigned me.
I follow readily, but if I choose not,
Wretched though I am, I must follow still.

Fate guides the willing, but drags the unwilling.”

My abbreviated  version is:  “Whatever you’ve got planned for me today Fate, Bring It On.  I’m ready“. And I also like to remind myself that I’m lucky to have another day of life, and to be a “citizen of Rome” ( i.e. a privileged member of one of the advanced western capitalist democracies).

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