Saturday lunchtime exercise and evening reflection

The Stoic notion of community and the sense of us all being made of the same stuff is important to me because I am the last generation of my family.  So on Hierekles circles, if personalised for me;  the inner one representing family would be very small. It’s quite possible, even probable, that at the end of my life I will have no close living relatives and that circle will disappear altogether.

So I need a sense of the family of mankind to have any motivation for altruism, or any purpose in life, and on a more practical basis, it is in my interests to cultivate as many relationships wider than my family as I can for support and friendship.

The contemplative exercise is good, but sending out invites to a party for all your neighbours would be better.

Went to the Stoic conference today, and tired now, so not writing very coherently. Great conference.  Will blog about it tomorrow.

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