The morning meditation.

The morning meditation is not something that works well for me, in the form suggested, for a number of reasons:

Firstly, as a retired person, my life is not stressful enough or busy enough to warrant rehearsing every moment of my day.  Even doing it on fast forward, and jumping over the long periods of reading, solitary walking etc, it still seems excessive and unnecessary. It is already my habit to make a list mentally, or sometimes on paper, of what I want to achieve in the day, and I think that is sufficient.

Secondly, although I see the point of rehearsing anticipated difficulties stressful situations, this is something that I prefer to do the night before, as part of the evening meditation.  I’ve been doing that for many years and it works well for me.

Thirdly, I’m often in pain when I wake up in the morning, and the first hour or so of my day is concerned primarily with pain management.  I may deal with the pain in a Stoic fashion, but there is little space for meditation on other aspects of Stoic practice.

Fourth, if I was busy, then I think I’d find fitting in a morning meditation just added to the stress.

What I do like is the morning text for reflection.  I used to select a paragraph or two from MA or Epictetus to reflect on each day, but I rather like having one given to me.  When I chose my own, I either tended to keep coming back to my favourites, or worked through the texts from end to end, relevant to my life or not.  A collection of Stoic texts, from all authors, laid out like the collects in the Book of Common Prayer, that is one a day, but some organised for particular occasions (loss, illness etc.) would be something I could use.

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