Friday Morning Meditation

Raging neuralgia this am, but first time this week I’ve woken up in significant pain.  Pain usually subsides after half an hour or so, but going out shortly, so not much time for this.  I like the quote from MA.  Nice image, but not sure what it means.  Never change? Be a tower of strength in the storm?  Sorry, an metaphor can’t mean another metaphor.  I give up.

No Marcus, I don’t think I’ll be a rock today, the image does nothing for the pain I’m in.  I think I’ll be a nice fluffy cloud. That’s a way of getting rid of the pain.  I imagine the pain evaporating into steam and floating away.  It works.

This passage from MA is one I find useful:

7:33 “Unendurable pain brings its own end with it. Chronic pain is always endurable: the intelligence maintains serenity by cutting itself off from the body, and the mind remains undiminished.”

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One Response to Friday Morning Meditation

  1. A nice fluffy cloud you say. I might just give that a try to beat the daily arthritic sieze up. Hope the pain passed quickly today.

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