Wednesday evening

Not a good day for me.

Having coffee with my friend, I thought I talked too much about myself and I was repetitive and boring, and that was despite knowing I have a tendency to be like this, and rehearsing beforehand how I was going to be.

Then I had a migraine, which was easy to deal with.  I took a pill.

Later this afternoon, a remark by someone, not in any way malicious, opened up a vault of sad memories and feelings of loss and guilt, which I’ve been struggling with ever since.

It’s made more difficult because there is another person who wants me to help her deal with her envy of people who have what she can’t have, by running them down.  At least I refused to join in that game.

Reminding myself that I am concerning myself with externals, and I should concentrate on what I have control of, which is my own thoughts and actions and this moment in time.

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