Midday Day 3

I have mild migraine symptoms this afternoon, and as a result I’ve just spent about five minutes working out how to add a post to this blog.  One thing that happens to me as part of migraine aura is that I forget things I know very well, such as my bank pin number, my phone number or my name (well maybe not my name).

Can’t see an exercise to actually do this lunchtime, but maybe that is the migraine.  As it happens this is an aspect of Stoicism — acceptance — that I like very much, use a lot in my own life, and find very helpful.  Also it is Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius, whose Stoicism I much prefer to Seneca’s.

I have a dual interest in Stoicism.  I use it in my own life, but I’m also writing an historical novel, and there are subtle and not so subtle differences between the Stoicism adapted for our time and Stoicism historically.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the ancient Stoics were rather more fatalistic than any of us would be today.  It was necessary to accept things as they were because they believed their lives were predestined, and acceptance meant walking willingly behind the cart they were tethered to instead of being dragged (well the metaphor is something like that). It is true that their philosophy did not stop them being men of action, but not obvious to me what impelled them, since they thought that history was already written.


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