Monday lunchtime exercise

Today’s exercise commands me to apply Epictetus’s maxim that some things are under our control and some things are not under our control to a current specific example from my own life, preferably one that rouses strong desires or upsetting emotions, but I’m struggling to think of one.

I know, flying.  I dislike flying but I have to do it a lot because of living in Canada. The Handbook then asks me the following questions:

How much control do I have over the situation. A: 0%

Why isn’t it 100%? A: Because I’m not the pilot of the effing plane.

Why isn’t it 0%.  A: Actually it is 0%. Although I could refuse to get on the plane, in which case it would be 100%, but I wouldn’t have any way of getting back to Canada.

What would happen if you were more Stoical in your attitude?  Absolutely nothing. I am already  Stoical about it.

I don’t think that exercise worked.  I think it would have been helpful to have more guidance about the kind of situation the exercise is supposed to be about.

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