Evening Meditation 1

The problem is that my life is not eventful enough to warrant this close level of self-examination. Donald Robertson suggests that it would take 16 hours to fully review your day.  Not for me.

I spent most of today transcribing a will made in 1875, purely for my own amusement.  Not a lot of opportunity to exhibit Stoic virtues or failings  in that activity.  I did eat an entire box of Tunnocks’ Tea Cakes while I was doing it, so I can accuse myself of a lack of moderation.

Everything else I did was Stoic-neutral: a load of washing, a four mile walk, popped into the convenience store for some groceries, cooked a meal for myself and mum, chatted to a friend on the phone and arranged to meet next week.  No strong feelings about anything, and didn’t annoy anyone.

The late evening reflection quote from Seneca has no appeal for me.  To be frank, I think that Seneca is often a pompous, sententious old fart. “I have lived”.  What does that mean? Sweet F A.  It’s on a par with “Love conquers all” or “Life is just a bowl of cherries”.

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